Monday, April 24, 2017

Become Aligned with the Source

Dear Sasha Talkers,

I often share in my talks how to go about the art of manifestation.  It has to do with more than the thoughts and actions aligning into one. People tend to connect with other people (and things) with the mindset of "what can I get out of you, or this opportunity?" mindset. This selfish attempt at 'growth' ceases the energy from evolving into a more positive form that can enable people of becoming a better version of themselves while being of service to humanity. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it best (see below) as he stresses the importance of becoming more aligned with the one, a.k.a. source (your higher power/God/energy source) in order to manifest what you are rather than what you want. When we are of service to people, we are paying our blessings forward; at the same time we're refining our character through raising our vibrations at a higher level where true manifestation takes place.  

It's no secret, the universe has no time for users, freeloaders and desperate minds. This is where implementing baby steps to refining one's vibrations can improve their overall lifestyle. It all begins with what you put in yourself - your mind, your heart, your body and your soul.  Respect is a two way street.  If you're waiting for some windfall, keep waiting!!

Coming from a place of tough L-O-V-E...

Be good, Be safe & Be blessed,

S :)

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