Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meet Kathleen Mills: Military Spouse Advocate (

Meet Kathleen M. Mills, Founder of the National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization, is herself, a Military Spouse since 1973 and a recognized member of the Gold Star Wives organization since 2010. Founded in 1945, Gold Star Wives is a nonprofit service organization sanctioned by the United States Congress to provide support to Military Widows and Widowers. Her journey as a military advocate began when her husband, Major Herbert Roger Mills passed away. It was through Mrs. Mills experience dealing with the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs that she discovered the discrepancies and contradictions of surviving and current spouses. Constantly educating herself about the resolutions, laws and benefits affecting military spouses, widows and widowers, she became an authority on how to navigate through the maze of military protocols, rules and paperwork. 

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Kathleen Mills, a Military Spouse Advocate, since 2005 lobbies on behalf of abandoned military spouse whose service member under federal law protection can simply walk away from their families without divorcing them. Kathleen is building awareness and has written a federal law to protect these military families.Image & Bio Credit:


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