Friday, December 9, 2016

Corbie Mitleid Presents "Clean Out Your Life Closet"

Meet Corbie Mitleid, who's always been the different one. After enduring a string of personal and life challenges, today Corbie brings a full toolbox to her job as a beacon of manifestation and vision for her clients. She knows what it is to create a career out of experiences. While she's now a full-time intuitive counselor and inspirational speaker, her career has encompassed positions as a published author, a professional actress, a television producer, a radio personality, an executive recruiter and the power behind the throne for a number of high-profile CEOs.

"Clean Out Your Life Closet" is a book written to turn away the idea that the self-help guru has all your answers. The book is designed so that the reader actually works with Corbie to make the book specifically useful to their life situation. It encourages them to ask questions, to turn the whole idea of "you need us to fix you" on its ear. Bio & Image Credit:

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